• I am a lover of Rock music, of its lyrics of its melody ....Every song we hear tells us about each of us, our story, since we listen to music depending on our Mood or how we want to feel.
  • The songs we hear tell us, remind us of our story, what we felt in some particular  moments , circumstance of our life . 

  • Having the power to bring us to our past , turned into words.
  • Identifies us in our beliefs, political ,religious, moral ...

As the feeling of lost love , disappointments , frustrations , wonders …..Happiness , Revolution !! 

            This is the way I live the music , is what it means to me 

  •  That's the reason that I describe myself as a fan of Rock music but not a groupie , please NOT OFFENCE !!! 
  • I mean  I do not have much idea about the bands , musicians private life as name of the musicians ........As the important for me is that They put in words my thoughts, feelings , beliefs ......

                                   Because through the music I express myself .                                                       

  • If you are a soloist then it is easier for me to remember your name but if it is a band  , I mean more than one musician I already get lost .

                     With all my respect but IT IS WHAT IT IS !!! 

  • Another thing is that the guy in question is good looking then is a chance I might also remember his name  hahaaha 
  • That's the reason  why on my interviews I ask them to introduce , present the self by name .

                                  Basically because I have no idea and that makes it easier.

  • On the other hand my interview questions are about the story behind the songs of that band or the solo musician because I know what´s the meaning for me ,my interpretation of the feeling that song gives me.
  • But what I want to know the story behind the song, ,the  circumstance at time ,trends, anecdotes …

                                          I am looking to get to know the person behind the song the band . 

  •  Therefore some naughty questions will come up asking for situations , anecdotes , groupi

     *Just as mates talking .

I am the curios one and you are the one that share parts , moments of your life by the story behind your songs .

  • THE NAUGHTY REPORTER ! Cover your event , gigs , festivals ...with pictures , videos and an UNIQUE  way to do interviews without tabus .

                                                                                             Straight up !!

  • Also offering my services as Artist Host ,Event Presenter , PA .

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