The Concept behind Snakebitepr

Support the music Industry community

. By helping others I help myself !!!!

Starting from the community base working together for the same concept, for the same goal and passion - in this case THE MUSIC!

Music is the only and largest of the forms of collective union, with music we express ourselves freely and thanks to music we identify with our feelings, thoughts, beliefs ... Music unites people, having the power to make us feel part of a collective of a community, bringing us together sharing moments, feelings, emotions ....

-Each and every one of us has a gift that makes us unique a gift that been shared with others apart from helping each other makes us grow personally and thereby archive success in our goals .

-The main purpose of SnakebitePR is to connect the music industry as a large and strong community working for our passion

_As we all know the union is strength!


-snakebitepr is created with the fundamental concept of sharing reaching more people,

From the fans to the whole industry we work on it ( techs , djs , bands , promoters , venues ....)

-Each page, group, snakebitepr platform is created for different outputs, from the same concept to grow as a community , offering free advertising and exposure in all fields

 related to the music industry.

-Of course all this with the support behind of all music contacts within bands, venues agencies that I already have ensuring that the list of bands on my page have open the doors to the Spanish music industry  as the Spanish bands been seeing out of the country.

-Besides having my twitter and instagram pages in which I have a large number of followers plus all the worldwide music pages and groups in which a SnakebitePR is a member ensuring an exposition and publicity of the bands without limits.


-The concept of sharing and expanding!


As you see we all win, nobody loses !!


That is the concept of snakebitepr! the union for the same passion and way of life.

Our way of life!

Are you with me?


Snakebitepr brand platforms community

  • · The Main web page -Free Advertising for the list of bands that share this global thought, having big band names opens the doors to have the attention we need to reach the big companies, music agencies, so that not only both parts win It also exposes the not-so-big bands, still, to be seen..

  • . Snakebitepr Facebook page - Created to share the list of bands  on my site plus all the Cheeky interviews by The Naughty Reporter 😜 all  updates , My Blog.. I invite everyone to like it and share it also be part with  opinions, news, personal pages, which to attract followers to each of us as a result we group all the followers in the same platform (independent each one has they own page) with what our product has unlimited  visualizations and followers attracting the attention of the contacts in the industry we are looking for plus a infinity exposure.


  • . Facebook group snakebitepr created as a closed group only for people related working with and for the music industry, creating a unique group where we all connect. A big family working together with the same purpose.

-A unic group to show and offer your product, whether you are a musician, as an agency, magazine, technician 

  • .Youtube snakebitepr-The Naughty Reporter .
  •  Created to advertise with videos of the bands that participate in this great community project with the links of the pages of each band so the traffic views flow and expands.
  • Plus my cheeky interviews 

            - THE NAUGHTY REPORTER  !!!

Be Part of the community

Enjoy this big family community , supporting the rock music scene !!

Follow and like the snakebitepr facebook page .

Be member of the close group on facebook to share and expand ,advertising.

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Looking for agencies, sponsors to organize events

  • I count with a num of bands on my list available for bookings. Free Advertising.
  • Trying to open The Spanish Rock music industry to the UK bands.
  • Connecting The community : Agencies, managers, venues, festivals , bands , dj.....
  • Looking for sponsors, venues, agencies, mag that would like to organize gigs and Book bands Also The Naughty Reporter to cover all the events. 
  • Thank you