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It all started in the streets of London , where I lived for 10 years .

I worked about 6 years in the most Infamous Rock bar in the city 

and to be honest in the world lol .

That place , was my home and give me the opportunity to meet people 

with great name and/or talent in the music industry .

We use o do concerts or after parties for people like Motorhead , 69 Eyes 

Crashdiet.... Or where regulars clients and friends were musicians of bands such a 

UkSubs ( also a member of the band use to work as a bartender )Sisters of Mercy , Sikth.....

Or coincidentally you could have visiting some members of bands from Judas Priest , Iron Maiden , DevilDriver , Ozzy Osbourne ..... To be honest I miss this London action !! 

As we did use to have gigs giving me a experience in organization , advertising and allowing me 

to learn and know how to host and event -musician.

Thanks to all this I am proud to have as a friends big names and contacts on the music industry

as managers , musicians , bands , venues in UK .

Now on my return to my country  sunny Spain -Valencia I can be able to use my experience and contacts from Spain and Uk so I can bring bands here opening the Spanish music marquet an also try to bring bands from Spain to Uk !!