SnakeBitePR featuring The Naughty Reporter

Supporting the Rock Music scene !!
Connecting the industry .
Rock Bands Advertising .
Supporting The Rock Music scene.

Connecting the Rock music Industry.

SnakeBitePR  offer .

  • Free advertising for Rock bands 
  • Connect promoters , agencies with musicians ( with they're pages links for direct bookings) 
  • Open the doors to the uk Rock bands to the Spanish music industry.
  • And from there expanded to the WORLD. 
  • The Naughty Reporter : COVER EVENT WITH PICTURES , VIDEOS & A UNIQUE WAY TO INTERVIEW !! Know the bands story throught the songs .
  • Questions Straight Up and with NOT TABUS !! 




The Meteors P.Paul Fenech Interview

CheckSnakebitePR The N_Reporter cover event with Video , Pictures & Interviews. 

P.Paul Fenech From the mitic band THE METEORS came to Valencia and I was There to try to do a interview , he is a total legend straight up cool guy just the way I like and respect !! from first moment he been nice with me and had this little chat as mates . 

On his 40 years anniversary of his band he is doing a tour and come to Valencia , he love Spain  , beer and ROCK & ROLL !! 

Thank you so much for be such a legend!

THE NAUGHTY REPORTER covering event MIKE TRAMP at 16 Tons

 Snakebite PR The Naughty Reporter had the pleasure and honour to cover the event with pictures, video and my cheeky UNIQUE way to do interviews at 16 Toneladas (16 tons ) Rock bar in Valencia To the genuine Rock Star from back in the days and Always Mr MIKE TRAMP !! well know from his time at White Lion !! Check it out I declare myself the num one fan from this gentle sweet smile, beautiful voice and great lyrics . 

Never change !! keep been just YOU .

Psichobilly Meeting , Pineda Del Mar 2019


Promoting and enjoying this amazing festival !! 

Check it out ! all filmed and edited by me .

Contact me for Info , music and bands

Santi´s Beach Bar , Pineda del Mar 2019

As the name say Santi´s beach bar is a cute bar by the beach where all the fun begin with dj´s , bands, good food ,great atmostfare and amazing weather before the Festival open doors and start the craziness !!! at Psichobilly meeting !! 


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